Wednesday 22nd May

Boom Box (Tiff Dance School)

Wednesday 22nd May 2019 @ 6.30.p.m.

Hip hop dancing originated in the 1970’s from latin America. It was a form of street dancing that evolved from the latino culture. Now, hip hop dancers are found in the most popular dance videos and movies! This style of dance pushes the limits of movement in a semi-freestyle expression while hitting the beat every single time. This dance style is creative and free, perfect for inventive young dancers.

Tiff Dance Studio is a hip hop dance troupe formed in 2017. It started in Athlone and due to high demand soon will be offering dance classes in Dublin.

– Fun, active performers of different ages demonstrating creativity and expression of movement.

Students performing great dance moves to a cool soundtrack. Great fun for all!!! Come to join us !!!

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