Friday 12th May

Prosperous Dramatic Society with

‘The Play about The Baby’ by Edward Albee





The play opens in a version of Eden, with the Boy and Girl, she is pregnant. The Girl gives birth to the baby. Soon, a middle-aged couple, the Man and Woman appear…..Witty, cryptic, part puzzle play, part vaudeville the play is essential Albee, and shows the major American dramatist — now deceased — continuing a career of experimentation that has always been very European in its absurdist embrace and subsequent disregard for naturalism. This funny, harrowing dramatic fable, which features a four-member ensemble, is as explicit and concise a statement of what Mr. Albee believes as he is ever likely to deliver. It is presented in the form of what might be called a cosmic vaudeville, in which two old pros in this old world teach a pair of young adults just how bleak and dangerous the universe can be.


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