Tailsman Theatre Company

Sunday 8th December - Monday 9th December

€10.50+€1.50 Booking Fee

Santa’s Fairytale Christmas

Sunday 8th December : 2.p.m. To Book:  Phone Dean Crowe Theatre : 09064 92129

Monday 9th December @ 10.15am & 11.45am.  To Book: Phone Olga: 0876363075 

It’s Christmas Eve at the North Pole. Santa and his reindeer are getting ready to begin their magical journey around the world but when some fairytale villains show up to spoil the fun, things don’t quite go according to plan! Thankfully, Santa has some heroic fairytale friends to help him out but he needs your help too! Join in the fun and find out what happens in this totally tinsel adventure that’s sure to put the Ho, Ho, Ho in your holidays and remind you there’s room for everyone on Santa’s “nice” list!

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