Icarus Theatre Collective

Monday 24th October

8pm | Tickets €18

“50s Absurdism meets 90s in-yer-faceapocalypticism.” – Robert Shore, Time Out

At this dark comedy’s opening we find a mild-mannered, scatty-scholar teaching his bright-eyed, bonne-élève student that 1+1=2. When the innocent pupil begins to displease her tutor, the play delivers the scorpion sting in its tail as the pedagogue turns on her, becoming a bullying tyrant, a ferocious animal bent on her destruction.‍

The classroom setting becomes a verbal ballet where strength and brutality slowly grind down and crush innocence and enthusiasm.

A brand-new Creative Captioning process supported by Arts Council England brings this play to D/deaf & Hard of Hearing audiences through projection integrated into set and lighting design, ensuring all performances are accessible and captioning enhances the creative story for hearing audiences as well.