Tech Spec

We are pleased to offer a wide selection of technical information. If there is anything additional that you require or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Stage Lighting:

  • Strand Lighting Palette VL with 512 Channels

House Lighting:

  • Controlled independently from control room and stage managers corner.

Lighting Equipment:

  • 12 Cantata 1.2k Fresnels
  • 16 Rama Fresnels 1.2k
  • 16 S/L Profiles 600 Watt– 8 x 15/32, 8 x 23/50
  • 8 Par Cans(Cp62) 1k
  • 6 Coda Cys 1k Floods
  • 4 Chauvet Colorado 1 Quad zoom
  • 2 Gobo Holders(size b)
  • 4 15amp Splitters
    1 x 16 amp to 13 amp cable
    1 x 15 amp to 16 amp cable
    1 x 16 amp to 15 amp cable
    5 x 20ft 15 amp cable


  • Total of 512 Channels on a DMX signal


  • 84 Circuits patched to dimmers in total on pre wired bars
  • FOH Circuits 1-18
  • FOH Booms 21-24(paired)
  • LX1 Circuits 25-36
  • LX2 Circuits 37-48
  • LX3 Circuits 49-60
  • LX4 Circuits 61-72
  • Floor Circuits 73-84
  • DMX Connections LX 1-4(3 pin XLR)

Sound System:

  • Allen and Heath GL 2400
  • DBX 1215 Graphic Equalizer
  • Tascom MD-301 mk2 Mini Disc
  • Tascom CD-A500 CD and Tape
  • FOH Amps:

1 x Behringer Europower EP2000
2 x Behringer Europower EP1500

  • FOH Speaker:

6 HK Audio Premium Pro

  • Mutlicore 24/8 from stage left to control room
  • Mutlicore 6/2 from Stage Right to Stage Left

Stage Sound Equipment:

  • 2 W Audio 400 Watts active Speakers
  • 3 Uni-Directional Microphones
  • Leads:

5 x 20ft XLR Mic Leads
2 x 15ft Jack-Jack Leads
1 x 6ft Jack-Mini Jack Leads
2 x 25ft Speak-on Leads

  • Canford Communication System
  • 3 Beltpacks Including Headphones

Stage Management:

Small Dressing Room

2 Dressing Areas with counters and mirrors
2 W/C
2 Wash-Hand Basins
1 Large Showers
1 Trolley
1 Iron and Ironing board
1 TV Monitor

Large Dressing Room

2 Dressing Areas with counters and mirrors
2 W/C
2 Wash-Hand Basins
1 Large Shower
1 Iron and Ironing board
1 TV Monitor

Large Green Room

1 Fridge
1 Microwave
1 Kettle
1 toaster
1 Tv Monitor

Tv Monitors

Stage Left
Stage Right
Dressing Rooms
Green Room

Get-In/Get-Out Access:

  • Loading Bay/Scene Dock

33ft x 12ft with Direct access to stage through 7ft x 6ft Door

Seating Capacity:

  • The proscenium arch auditorium of the Dean Crowe Theatre has a maximum capacity of 466:

338 Parterre/Stalls + Wheelchair Spaces
128 Balcony

Performance Area within Prosc. Arch:

  • Height: 3.66m (12ft)
  • Stage Width: 9.14m (30ft)
  • Stage Depth: 7.62m (25ft)
  • Floor: Black painted marine ply.
  • Cyclorama Wall: White plaster(hard cyc)


  • 1 set House Tabs – Maroon on tracks
  • 2 sets Curtains Half stage and Cyc wall – Black on tracks
  • 4 sets Legs Left and right of stage – Black

Weights and Braces:

  • 7 Flat Stage Weights
  • 5 25kg Stage Weights
  • 7 Metal Braces
  • 2 Black Flats


  • Panasonic Blu-ray DVD player-Control Room
  • HDMI cable from FOH bar to Control Room

Stage Rules

  • No Spiking stage or walls under any circumstances
  • Cast, Crew and Theatre Staff only allowed backstage
  • Operation of Motorised and Manual bars to be performed by Theatre staff only
  • Theatre ladders only to be used upon inspection by theatre staff
  • Food and Drink are prohibited from Auditorium, Control Box, Stage and BackstageĀ  Light refreshments are of course allowed in dressing rooms. No alcohol allowed in any of these areas.
  • Maximum of 4 people only allowed in the control room

Please Note

A member of our technical staff can be on standby at all times and will help with Get-in and Get-out. Additional technical cover will be charged for. Please advise if you wish us to engage lighting riggers/operators, sound technicians or any stage crew on your behalf. In the event of any changes(ie. your arrival time) please notify the Technical Manager. On arrival at the Dean Crowe please check in to the Managers office.

Spiking the stage floor is not permitted.

Some weights and braces are available. If this is of concern please contact the theatre. We prefer no painting or construction work to be undertaken in the theatre. Some alterations/running repairs will of course be allowed. Any electrical equipment provided by your company/group must conform to all current safety and regulations. Any Stage Lights provided by your company/group must be fitted with a safety bond.

Food and Drinks as part of a performance are at the Theatre’s discretion.
The Theatre reserves the right to refuse the use of any equipment, including scenery, deemed to be unsafe. Also the Theatre reserves the right to prohibit any actions or activity in the theatre, including parts of the performance, deemed to put either theatre staff, performer or the public at risk.

The Theatre Manager’s decision in all the above matters is final.

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