David McSavage

Saturday 3rd June

8pm | Tickets €21.50

Get ready for a night of side-splitting laughter with Ireland’s most beloved and divisive comedian!

David McSavage got into comedy because he didn’t want to work, and the fact that he sort of makes a living as a comedian is surprising. Successful comedians are determined people, hard working and prepared, yet they give the impression on stage that they’re not.

When McSavage is on stage, he is literally unprepared, and if those comedians you admire went on stage as unprepared as McSavage, they would be doing far worse than him. They have appropriated his personality, his style, his way of being, and McSavage has had enough.

McSavage wants to get to the next level, he wants to make his sons proud, and possibly leave them something when he dies. This requires McSavage doing the thing he most fears: ‘the work’; ‘applying himself’ and ‘knuckling down’.

Nothing is off-limits in this standout comedy show. So come join us and be prepared to have your expectations challenged and your funny bone tickled. Part prepared, part chaotic, always funny!