A theatre and arts centre is a platform on which to build and at the Dean Crowe we believe in using our resources to create opportunities for people to build great art, great careers, great relationships and great engagement on our platform. We try to provide support, promotion, facilities and business to everyone we work with, connecting artists, arts workers, cultural venues, businesses, schools, charities, government institutions and communities in true collaborative partnerships.

We have developed a number of opportunities for performers, creators and artists to develop and show their work. We also have several ways that you can join our team as a staff member or a volunteer or on work experience from school or college. In addition, we have developed several partnerships with local businesses and local, regional and national funding bodies, working with them to help both our work and theirs.

From time to time we announce opportunities on this page. Click on some of the links below to read about how you can help the Dean Crowe to help you.

Are you an artist or arts worker?

Are you a creative individual with ideas and ambitions?

The Dean Crowe Theatre Manager, Killian Collins, wants to chat with you.

Speaking about this campaign, Collins said “We have come through a period where our venue has been often closed and often empty. It’s time now for the creativity and energy of artists to reignite our building and our souls. And it’s time I started to hear more from artists.”

“So the idea is that if you are a creator – a writer, director, actor, musician, composer, dancer, choreographer, set designer, lighting designer, sound designer, costume designer, visual artist – you can make an appointment to have a cup of tea with me (virtually or in person). We can have a short chat where we talk about your ideals, your ambitions, your dreams, what you’d like to see happening at the Dean Crowe and the type of work you do. It’s not really about people pitching ideas to me. It’s more about introducing ourselves and getting a sense of who this artist is, how they have gotten to where they are now, where they want to get to and what makes them come alive.”

“Down the line, the more I get to know people, the more I can find ways to connect them together and help them to progress. I’d also love to hear from anybody who has had a stake in the Dean Crowe over the years. People who can fill in little nuggets of the history of the theatre for me.”

To Plan Your Cup of Tea

  • Email manager@deancrowetheatre.com with the subject “A Cup of Tea with the Theatre Manager.”
  • Include a brief note describing yourself, what discipline you work in, how long you have been making art and anywhere you have shown your work. Just a couple of sentences. Nothing too long. Otherwise there’s no need to chat.
  • Note: The Theatre Manager will endeavour to meet with as many applicants as possible subject to scheduling commitments. Some conversations may need to happen online.

The Dean Crowe Theatre & Arts Centre is pleased to invite proposals from community artists and collectives working or living in County Westmeath to avail of our AIB Gallery space. This is an opportunity to exhibit your work in a community space with the option of putting your work up for sale.

We will invest in the artist with the following supports:

Your exhibition will be scheduled for a period of up to one month (subject to programming commitments).

  • Limited promotion of the exhibition.
  • 0% Commission on sales of work.
  • Limited technical support.
  • Limited support in hosting a launch of the exhibition.

This callout is open to emerging and established artists, curators and arts organisations. Artists working in any visual art or craft practice, including, but not limited to, painting, print photography, video, mixed media, sculpture, ceramics, metals, textiles etc. Proposals for solo, two person, or group shows are welcomed. Preference will be given to artists living or working in County Westmeath. Applications are also welcomed from artists based in the wider midlands region. Successful applicants may be asked to participate in a public engagement event, for example an “in conversation.”

Gallery Facilities

  • The AIB Gallery is located on the first floor of the Dean Crowe Theatre & Arts Centre.
  • The room is lit by ceiling recessed general lighting. There are 3 large windows with blackout blinds.
  • Proposals should take into consideration that the AIB Gallery is not a supervised space.
  • The exhibition space is open Monday to Friday 10.30am to 3.30pm. It is closed to the public at weekends.
  • The gallery space is used occasionally for meetings, workshops, etc. During these times the gallery is closed to visitors.
  • It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to ensure that fixings proposed are safe and that walls will be left in original condition after the exhibition.
  • Please note that any sale of work will be transacted strictly between the buyer and the artist.

Application Process

  • Email manager@deancrowetheatre.com with the subject “AIB Gallery Proposal.”
  • Include a brief description of the proposed exhibition and your proposed dates for the exhibition (approx 400 words).
  • A brief note describing yourself, how long you have been making art and anywhere you have shown your work.
  • Approximately 10 images/examples of your work.
  • In the case of group exhibitions; all artists intending to exhibit should be identified by at least one image.
  • An approximate insurance value for the exhibition should be included. If successful, a full schedule of the value of the exhibited work will be required.

The Dean Crowe Theatre & Arts Centre is delighted to announce a new artist development space opportunity.

Do you need space to develop your work? We are inviting professional and emerging artists to use the facilities of the Dean Crowe Theatre & Arts Centre as their own creative and productive space for a period of time this autumn.

The space might be suitable for artists and arts workers who want to:

  • Have the space to reflect and think about their work.
  • Have the space or time to develop or improve skills.
  • Develop or continue a particular body of work.

We will invest in the artist with the following supports:

  • A dedicated free work space for a week.
  • Equipped with a desk and chairs, printer and paper, internet access and reasonable studio-type space for more active development.
  • We will endeavour to give the artist the maximum amount of time on stage and in the auditorium as well as access to stage equipment and technical support (subject to programming commitments).
  • B & B will be provided for the artist for 7 nights.
  • A stipend of €300 will be paid to the artist intended to cover basic expenses during the week (e.g. lunch and dinner for the 7 days and a return train ticket to Athlone).

Application Process

The next round of this programme will be announced soon.

In association with

St. Hildas Services & Athlone Rehab Care Services

The Dean Crowe Theatre & Arts Centre, St. Hilda’s Services and Rehab Care Services, Athlone are seeking local, qualified, experienced arts facilitators to bring the next phase of the ‘One Tribe’ Arts Ability Project to fruition.

History of the Project

One Tribe was piloted in 2017 and developed further in 2018 and 2019 with the support of Creative Westmeath.

In the first three years of the project, service users from St. Hilda’s and Rehab Care came to the Dean Crowe Theatre every Wednesday morning in September, October and November. They participated in dance and art workshops. The season culminated in a public performance.

In 2017 the project participants devised a show based on the theme of tribes – exploring communities from around the world – which they titled ‘One Tribe.’ This title soon became the tag that the participants used to identify the project and themselves. Hence, in 2018, the project and the group were titled ‘One Tribe’ and the show, presented on Valentine’s weekend was centred on the theme of love. One Tribe’ presents ‘One Love.’ The 2019 project focused on living for the moment and appreciating every moment. One Tribe’ presents ‘One Night. One Moment.’


The project has built the confidence of the participants and also changed how the participants are perceived and received in the community. The audience is made up of not just family members but also people from throughout the community including employers, colleagues, friends, neighbours, theatre-goers. One Tribe has opened the eyes of the audience to the ability of the participants, not their disability (not just on stage but in all aspects of everyday life).

This is the true heart and central achievement of One Tribe. It encourages, facilitates and supports access and participation in creativity which adds immeasurably to the wellbeing of the participants. One Tribe empowers and enables the participants to have a greater sense of identity, of culture and of active citizenship in their community.

Next Phase

One Tribe 2020 intends to expand into the community beyond Athlone. We face considerable challenges to ensure that the project can continue while respecting COVID-19 restrictions. Our goal is to deliver a creative experience for all of the One Tribe participants. We hope to create regional One Tribe creative hubs in Athlone, Ferbane, Ballymahon and Moate. Working in smaller groups and closer to home, participants can maintain a social distance and still communicate and connect with each other in a creative environment.

Who We Need

We need arts professionals in any discipline who have experience in facilitating workshops and working with people with intellectual disabilities.

If you are an actor, writer, poet, painter, mosaic artist, sculptor, drama teacher, choreographer, dancer, textile artist or visual artist in any form living close to Athlone, Ferbane, Moate or Ballymahon, we would like to hear from you.

Application Process

  • Email manager@deancrowetheatre.comwith the subject “One Tribe Facilitator.”
  • Include a brief note describing yourself, how long you have been making art, anywhere you have shown your work, what workshops you have facilitated and any experience you have of working with people with disabilities. (300-400 words)
  • Approximately 4 images/examples of your work.
  • Note: Successful applicants will be expected to undergo a Garda vetting process and adhere to the policy for working with vulnerable adults.
  • Fees commensurate with experience.

The Dean Crowe Theatre

The Dean Crowe Theatre is a professional theatre and arts centre with strong community links located in Athlone town. Comprising a 442-seat theatre, art gallery and bar, the Dean Crowe hosts a wide range of events every year including professional and amateur theatre, musical theatre, opera, dance, children’s theatre, music and comedy as well as an array of other rehearsals, performances, exhibitions, conferences and community activities. The theatre produces an annual pantomime, introducing over 100 local children to the world of performance and creativity and hosts Athlone Musical Society’s annual production. The Dean Crowe is best known nationally as the host venue for the RTE All Ireland Drama Festival.

St. Hilda’s Services

Established in 1964 by the community, St. Hilda’s Services is a voluntary organisation that provides a comprehensive quality service to people with mild, moderate and severe intellectual disabilities. Based in Athlone our services benefit in excess of 120 services users and their families. St. Hilda’s Services’ unique governing structure, ensures that the principles of person-centred planning are embraced throughout the organisation and all planning within St. Hilda’s is driven by the individuals and families who avail of our services. St. Hilda’s Services is committed to providing a service that puts the choices of the people we work with first, with all staff working in partnership with families and service users to promote this in everything that we do.

Rehab Care Services

RehabCare Athlone is a resource centre for adults with mild/moderate intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, autism and mental health issues. The centre provides people with access to a wide range of supports and activities in group settings and on a one-to-one basis. Programmes and activities are based on the interest of the people attending and the people we support.

RehabCare Athlone works off the model of New Directions which creates opportunities for individuals to take part in and be more involved in activities in their own communities. We like to help and support individuals to be more independent in order for them to have a greater quality of life. This is done through person-centred planning.

RehabCare Athlone has partnerships with other organisations in the locality who help to establish and create opportunities for people attending our service to develop new skills and work towards employment opportunities for those wishing to go that route.

RehabCare Athlone is based at Loughloe house and is a day service to over 40 individuals who access our service Monday to Friday.

RehabCare’s Vision is every person living life to the full and valued for, and as, themselves.

Our Sponsors and Funders

We are fortunate to have the support of Westmeath County Council, Clann Credo Community Financing, The Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht and Creative Ireland as principal funding partners.

Each year during our annual pantomime, we reach out to the local business community to support the many local children who participate. This is a great opportunity for businesses to get the attention of a large community audience encompassing almost all demographics.

In doing so, your business develops a connection with your local theatre – a vital part of the creative fabric of the local community – and you support the work we do here throughout the year. The pantomime acts as a launchpad for our year at the Dean Crowe.

We would be delighted to have you on board as a supporter, partner and friend.

The Dean Crowe Theatre is a registered charity and all support is gratefully appreciated.

To chat further about supporting the Dean Crowe Theatre & Arts Centre, please contact the Theatre Manager or any member of the Board of Directors.